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my story

dylan vizzarri  


> Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science 

> Level 2 Strength & Conditioning Coach (ASCA)

> Certificate IV in Fitness 


> High Performance Manager - Box Hill Hawks, VFL (Current)

> Private Coach/Trainer (2014-Current)

> Head S&C Coach - Box Hill Hawks, VFL 

> S&C Coach - Brighton Grammar School 

> S&C Intern - Western Bulldogs, AFL 

> High-Performance Intern - Oakleigh Chargers, NAB League


I'm an experienced strength and conditioning coach who specialises in sports performance through the physical development of athletes, and human movement.

Due to my love of training and sport, and the desire to play at the highest level in my younger years, I've had a longstanding fascination in how professionals physically prepare. As such, I have always been diligent in my training and particular in my preparation, a curiosity that naturally steered me toward a career in fitness.


In 2014, after completing a Certificate IV in Fitness, I gained employment with a renowned and well-established personal training studio. Here my learning began and my outlook on training advanced thanks to the knowledgeable owners - Nick Jack and Mel Borg. 


From the outset, I worked with a diverse set of clients across sports performance,  weight loss, general health and fitness maintenance, and movement for older adults. During this time, I gained invaluable experience in rehabilitation and quality of life enhancement working with athletes, the everyday individual, cancer patients and clients adversely impacted by multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy.

This type of broad industry exposure facilitated quick and comprehensive learning, and I soon found myself achieving great results, particularly in the injury rehabilitation space. Through understanding movement and its relationship with posture and motor learning, I learnt to apply corrective drills and exercise regressions necessary to re-establish efficient movement. This often-improved function and mitigated or eradicated chronic and debilitating injures.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Exercise & Sport Science, I shifted focus to my primary interest and area of expertise - sports performance. The invaluable experience I gained at AFL clubs Hawthorn and Western Bulldogs lead me to my current role as the High Performance Manager at the Box Hill Hawks in the VFL.


As it happens, I am no stranger to debilitating injuries myself. Over the years, I have made many mistakes, endured multiple injuries and gone through extensive rehabilitation. My experience, however, has provided me with vital knowledge and furthered my motivation to help others.

My diverse industry experience, years of hands-on mentorship and a personal journey filled with setbacks culminates in a unique perspective. From this, I have the know-how to help athletes of any level, and the experience to support everyday individuals in reaching their physical potential.

For more information on my philosophy and approach to training, follow the link below.

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