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10-Week AFL Off-Season Running Program

10-Week AFL Off-Season Running Program

Footy relies on your ability to accelerate, decelerate, change direction, sprint maximally and continually repeat these actions over the course of 120 minutes.


Although aerobic based running is a key component to off-season training, this alone just won’t cut it!


Among everything, speed is the one physical quality that deteriorates quickest without exposure. 


Meaning if you don’t use it, you lose it.


And if you don’t use it, you certainly won’t improve it!


In addition to this, the longer you leave it, the greater your risk of injury upon return as speed is often the biggest killer if you don’t have a tolerance to it!


The off season is the perfect time to do so in a slow, progressive manner.


However, if you do too much too soon, it will backfire. This time of year, it’s all about finding a balance.


This all-encompassing progressive 10-week program has the balance just right to minimise injury risk and improve:


  • Aerobic capacity and power 
  • Repeat speed 
  • Top speed and acceleration 
  • Agility and change of direction 


It also includes:

  • Detailed warm-up protocol
  • 6 x agility drills with progressive complexity 


The first 2-weeks involve 2 runs a week as an easy introduction. 


It then progresses to 3 runs a week from that point onward. 


From week 3, each session has a specific focus and each week progresses from the previous week in either volume or intensity. 


  • Session 1 - top speed and long intervals


  • Session 2 - easy continuous and fartlek runs (alternating each week)


  • Session 3 - acceleration, agility and repeat speed (short intervals)


There is also an optional 4th session which contains a cross training option of choice (session details not provided for cross training sessions).


This is an elite level program that will set you up for an amazing pre-season and even better 2024 in-season!


You won't regret it when you're outworking your opponents on game day and running out 4 quarters with ease.


Please note, this is a general program that does not take into consideration injury or training history or age.

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    You will recieve this program as a PDF

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